Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Hi, there!

I returned to the Philippines from the NUS MBA in 19__ (gosh! that was a long time ago!) and, believe me, I always reminisce those good ol' days whenever there's mention of Singapore or of NUS. This 'homesickness' is on the rise currently, especially as another NUS MBA Fair gets prepared here in Manila.

The 'life changes' are basically on 3 fronts:
1) The NUS MBA has made me quite 'culturally adept' and thus has given me the necessary social and people skills which I don't think I possessed prior to joining the Program. These came in handy when, on coming back to my own Faculty of Business in U.P., I got the assignment of being 'College Secretary' (which means the overall in-charge of students, teaching staff, building, etc.). Whew! How would I have been able to manage all that without the 'juggling skills' the NUS MBA had provided me with?
2) The NUS MBA definitely made me "integrative" in approach and mental processes. What I mean is I became inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary in thinking and in approach ever since I got back. For example, in an international student research congress that I've gotten involved with since I got back, my friends have always wondered how I could 'see' the themes/topics from the perspectives of the various disciplines. Well, I could only credit it to my NUS MBA training.
3) I definitely became a more communicative and more 'GLOBAL' person (i.e., a 'person for all persons/places') since I got back. I mean, you can throw in a person from the NUS MBA Program into anything anytime, and he/she can do it! Sounds big-time? Well, I'm serious.

So, join me in getting to know (if you haven't yet) and applying to the NUS MBA program...NOW!

For all those looking to a great MBA in Asia (with a global touch), see you at the NUS MBA Fair at the Manila Mandarin this October 20th... and see you at the National University of Singapore!!!

Warmest Greetings to All,

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Hi everyone!

This blog is for all Filipino NUS MBA alumni, all prospective Filipino MBA students or anyone who just feels like listening in. :) Keep in touch with old pals, reminisce your NUS MBA days and help our newbies learn more about how life is in NUS Business School.